Tuesday, 21 September 2010


OMG!!! now i really see wat's a degree!!

damn! Macro midterm is so hard!!!
now i know why the lecturer say,
50% of the class will not pass this subject!!!!! shittttt!!
i pray pray pray pray pray...that i'll be the lucky 50% that pass!!
real tricky those question! it's just midterm!! gosh..
wat if final?!!! i really cant imagine! ]=
i got very tired and bad headache after the MIDTERM! urghh...
brain twisted too much for today!!! @.@

And AND,
i was the lucky person pick by the BIS lecturer to answer his question in class!
guess wat, i didnt pay attention and was really exhausted,
and the worst part is i dun even have any notes with me!
how would i know wat the hell is he talking about?!
Fishy Fishy...ish....

Girl, you'll never know how much I Do Miss You!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

who really understands..

year 1 sem 2 just started for 2 weeks and another 2 more days,
i'll be sitting for my deadly midterm! and yet,
my lecture notes wasnt with me! damn!!

life doesnt seems to be great,
i would prefer there's nothing for me to worry in life,
nothing to strive, nothing to care about,
but these days seems to be far far away~
there's no more spoon feeding in sku,
weeks to submit and prepare for this sem to end,
pressuring myself to sit for piano exam dis coming april,
forcing myself to stretch during yoga and get my body all numb up..=.=
smiling in front of everybody like nothing seems to be bothering me but actually i wasnt in the mood...etc..

i wana jump off this stage and hide inside sumwhere else.
i'm tired. but i just have no where to go.

my face will never show the real me.
only few will know wat i was really thinking.
and i love them. =)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

We were Once so Near yet Now so Far

Is this just the beginning, or is this end??
Sigh~ feeling so lonely

Ever since i start to understand our world and life, i met you...
Among 4 of us, you were with me... and now.... ...
i've never admit anything in front of u,
but i'm sure you know how it goes without me saying. =)
There's too much things to say but i couldn find a word to start...sry
Hope you'll feel it in ur heart and i believe you'll understand.
Dun worry about anything, everything will be just fine. Trust me!
You'll be having lotsa fun, Just Take Good Care of urself!!!
May God always be with you~

ps: "dun tell me u've change ur best friend"..."i never" xD

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

i'm lost

how're u lately? how's life? where're you?..
this is the most common question among my compound.
stop asking and fuck off when u dun really meant to care about!
i'm unAvailable!

i've just finish my sem3 finals.
if i passed all my subject, and there i go for a DEGREE
if i dun then retain for a sem just to retake *touch wood*
i seriously don know where i wan to be in my future..
those unpredictable ones. sigh
have got no interest in whatever things
just meant to be in business field
blindly pick up marketing bcuz thats the only course without calculations
many ppl told me,
u wont be in where u planned to be,
but the problem is, i dunno wat i wanna be
and where's my goal..
nothing to focus, life's meaningless..

college really blinds me up,
when sem begins,
clashing of time table for at least a week,
when things settled down, quiz and assignment were introduced,
then 'hello' mid-term, follow on by presentation and then finals!
this routine will keep cycling till i graduate..zzz
change college? study abroad?
i did think of dat once,
but nothing seems to excite me..
no matter where i station,
things will be the same
as well just stay and not waste money

so lost, tired, and sick of things..
my piano, another pressure issue when exams is around the corner.
i dare not decide when to sit for the exam, it's just one more step to end the story,
tons of effort to be put in..i'm avoiding it!
but i know, sooner or later i still have to face it..

ever since we've step into a different society,
our timing goes up and down..
stuck in books and busy for credits
everyone striving for their own goals
too much time spent apart... ... ..
well, just GUD LUCK in future peeps =)
my status: ~personal issue~
if u feel that i'm single, dun even think of it, bcuz i'm not interested
if u feel that i'm not, thank you. i'm happy with who i am with. :P

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I'm Fully BooKED!!! zzz

CNY break is over...zzz
and the 1st bad news i received this morning is This Friday is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! =.=
*only sumbody will understand why i hate public holiday which falls on friday
2nd bad news is, i'll be having intro to business mid term tml! damn wtf!..uhh..
packed schedule ahead! damn sienZzz..

23/2 introduction to business mid-term
2/3 introduction to probability and statistic mid-term
3-4/3 college's street carnival (intro to business assignment)
5/3 accounting practice assignment due
15/3 accounting practice mid-term
16/3 computing studies mid-term

see, i'm so busy right!!!! uhhhhh..
need to get prepared~

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Specially dedicated to Cow Cow ^-^

Another 2 more hours is my house's COW 19th Birthday!!
post it by now, wont be too early gua~ Xp

Burfday BaBe

~the LaLat sunglasses~

Happie Sweetest 19th Birthday to you Bitch~ ^-^
(sounds so bad, always call you bitch, but you are 1) teehee

May ALL your dreams come true
stay Happy and Healthy FoREver

me!! (the one never will forget to ss..xp)

Heartz Eu~

Saturday, 23 January 2010

updating~ =P

omg omg omg Omg OMg OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
i just cant believe how long i hadn been updating my poor lil bloggie~
pity lil thing!!

~new year 2010
~started my 3rd sem not long ago but bloody time table still keep on changing! wtf
~just got my sup paper done, hope i pass
~having Great FRIDAYssss
~memorable 120110 *ilove you =D
~thinking to get my hair trim anot cuz just got it cut not too long ago
~need to get my white doggie a spa in a pail with bubbles cuz it's turning yellow again! Xp
~hadn get my CNY shopping done! daddy when are you freeeeeeee????!!!!
~wants to hang out with my lovely Bitch+ESSS
~lotsa buddies leaving m'sia soon, need more gatherings!!!! and mummy plssssss, dun stop me!!!
~needs to save money
~treassuring time with my love ones


LYNN is OFFICIALLY 19 yrs OLD!!! sob sob
*piggy is turning Old too, 10 days after me! welcome to the old ladies club! xP